Warmth (2022) is a zine created by AOCC (Artists of Color Collective) that delves into the broader concepts and sentiments surrounding the term. This is the second publication produced by Artists of Color Collective, a collective based in Philadelphia/Temple University. The visual identity of the zine was developed collaboratively by the members and refined by the design team: Hannah Pang, June Bae, Marcus Frye Boyd, and Jillian Villafuerte.

Artists of Color Collective is a community-based organization that uplifts and supports people of color who are practicing artists, art historians, and creatives. Through a multitude of projects including publications, gallery exhibitions, artist talks, and workshops, we are able to build skills and experience in young artists of color to help them further their passions and creative careers/endeavors.

I had the opportunity to design the spreads displayed above with full creative direction while staying within the zine's design identity guidelines. This also includes the endpages of the zine. The artists showcased in the spreads are Paul Okoh, Ruby Perkins, and myself.